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About Electrosen

Electrosen is a leading, privately owned Israeli company with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture and sales of electrical products and light fixtures.

Founded in 1948 by Shmuel and Shoshana Rosenberg, Electrosen is now managed by their daughter and her husband, Irit and David Glikman, along with their son, Yaniv, who is Business  Development manager

Over the past 40 years they have formed an impressive team, building and capitalising on the foundation created by the Rosenbergs to establish an enduring business legacy.

Electrosen is highly regarded for the quality of service and attention to detail it provides to its customers.

The company offers custom product design services for OEMs, development and manufacture of indoor and outdoor commercial light fixtures, electrical components for applications such as elevators and air conditioning systems, and energy saving devices for lighting and air conditioning systems.

Electrosen is certified to ISO 9001, has a dedicated research and development department and employs the latest technology in the design and manufacture of its products. These include emergency lights, exit signs, indoor and outdoor .commercial and industrial lighting

LED technology, energy saving devices for lighting and air conditioning systems and sensitive electrical equipment surge protection devices.

The company represents numerous internationally renowned electrical component and light fixture manufacturers in the Israeli market, such as:MCI , Schill ,WERIT , WEICON,  TROLL ,LED&CO, VLUX, Westinghouse , CITIZEN LED, Normalux, Normalit, ELT

Electrosen has successfully worked with a wide range of customers across a variety of industries including:

Electrical industry customers, e.g. electrical wholesalers, electrical contractors and chain stores
Government departments and facilities, e.g. the Department of Defence, Knesset
Health and education sectors, e.g. hospitals, schools, universities, The Weizman Institute
Commercial customers, e.g. office buildings, factories, residential buildings
Electrosen is committed today to the same principles that the business was founded on:

The manufacture and supply of high quality, reliable, economical and innovative products for the electrical products and light fixture markets.

To be always at the forefront of technology in order to bring the word’s most advanced developments to our customers and our country.

Provision of industry best customer service and product support.

In 2103 we open "LIGHT HOUSE" company, which is subsidiary of Electrosen

Through our subsidiary company," LIGHT HOUSE" we can provide lighting solutions for private housings, fashion shops, offices, showrooms, restaurants, event halls and many others.

LIGHT HOUSE is attentive to the Israeli consumer who appreciates style and quality. The wide ranges of light fixtures we offer provide the ideal solution for any use, style or budget, for both private and professional customers. Our range includes decorative fixtures as well as technical solutions for commercial spaces. The common denominator of our portfolio of elite products is uncompromising quality, professional service and guarantee of the exclusive dealer.

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